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Renewable energy

Renewable energy

The emphasis on carbon neutral technologies has put renewable energy at the forefront of the international scene. Thus, making the most of the synergies between the different resources is essential. This in order to achieve a balanced energy mix. We also want to use 150 years of learning from the energy industry for the development of sustainable and efficient projects. Our approach to renewable resources remains based on the following 3 steps:

  1. Quantify the maximum potential associated with an asset or resources in a given area
  2. Estimate the part of those resources that can be produced to achieve viable and sustainable targets
  3. Ensure that the all relevant technical solutions are considered to develop the resources in an optimal way

Our goal: making sure that pilot projects are converted into fully commercial developments

Resources evaluation :

Our methodology is to build on existing and  consistent guidelines to develop a reliable RRMS (Renewable Resources Management System). Systems being currently developed and tested globally include the United Nation Framework Classification (UNFC, https://www.unece.org/ab/energy/se/reserves.html ), allowing us to provide a classification of the resources based on:

  • The Socio-economic viability of the resources: Going all the way from Corporate social responsibility (CSR) to the key metrics such as Net Present Value (NPV), Return on Investment (RoI)…
  • The Technical maturity of the project: How ready are we to proceed? How reliable is the technology??
  • The uncertainty inherent to such development project: As it is impossible to completely remove the uncertainty associated with such energy projects, we will ensure that it is properly quantified, and adequately mitigated.

Project Management

Evolution is keen to follow your projects from the conceptual design, through project maturation and all the way to completion. Our experts will be available to support the development in front of government entities, financial institution or for private investors. Through our partnerships with recognized engineering companies we will also ensure that highly specialized area of your studies will be fully covered.

Solar & Wind Resources

Project evaluation for Solar and wind resources requires a thorough analysis of recent technologies, detailed meteorological statistics, operational parameters as well as external dependencies. We are keen to ensure that all relevant data are taken into account to provide investors or operators with reliable probabilistic estimates and economics that can be trusted.

Geothermal industry

Our expertise in subsurface and project management is fully applicable to the geothermal industry. This goes from analysing the geology, rock properties, quantifying the flow and heat potential and the recovery process. Most importantly, we investigate all the requirements and potential commercial application for a projects to be self sustainable in the long term

Hydrogen development projects

Hydrogen is not a source of energy in itself. It is “merely” a way to store energy from other sources: it is a “battery”. However, unlike other batteries, hydrogen energy does not requires important amount of rare earth or lithium. It provides a (the only?) carbon neutral solution to tomorrow’s mobility challenges, releasing water as a by-product.

Evolution Resources is keen to support the H2 industry, either through services with our network of engineers and consultant, or through the development of projects as well as R&D investments. As opposed to Steam Reforming technology with CCS, our current focus is on hydrolysis using green and nuclear energy resources.