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Oil & Gas industry

Reserves & Resources Certification

  • Full evaluation of Oil & Gas reserves
  • Contingent Resources
  • Prospective resources
  • Asset full potential Vs fair value
  • Development costs, CAPEX, OPEX, ABEX
  • Economics & fiscal regime, NPV, ROI

Competent Person’s Reports

Competent Person’s Reports (CPR) are detailed reports providing all relevant information. The information provided is related to the potential development of an asset. Amongst other, the CPR should be sufficiently detailed to assess the current value of an asset as well as the work and investment required to unlock its full potential. The content of the report is heavily dictated by regulators.

Economic Evaluations, Due diligence & M&A

Reserves reports or CPRs will vary based stock market requirements or simply the auditor used for the evaluation. A same asset may (and will) have substantially different value if it is published under PRMS, SEC, COGEH, or by a NOC. For this reason, our team has developed a reliable workflow to provide a reliable and consistent valuation of the assets/company of interest.

Evolution Resources also partners with Swiss legal experts to ensure that comprehensive technical, financial, and legal due diligence can be provided. Our work includes :

  • Evaluation of the asset full potential
  • Evaluation of the reserves and asset fair value
  • CAPEX, OPEX & ABEX review
  • Fiscal modelling & detailed economics
  • Risks & opportunities analysis
  • Legal DD

Subsurface Consulting services

Evolution Resources have a full team of experienced professionals and partners covering all subsurface disciplines:

  • Geomodelling
  • Reservoir engineering
  • Static & Dynamic modelling
  • Development optimization
  • Planning & Project ranking
  • Asset rationalization
  • Economic screening
  • Full scale FDP

Expert witness & Unitization

Providing an unbiased expertise on reserves booking & unitization. If we do not believe that you are right, you will know right away!


We offer different kinds of training, divided into 2 parts:

  • Full PRMS training (2 days) + PRMS for Executive Management (0.5 day). The training descriptions can be found here (Currently Not available)