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About Evolution Resources


Evolution Resources was created in 2015 by a group of energy professionals to support the reliable evaluation and development of energy Resources, both in the renewable sector and for the Oil & Gas industry. This is because, we strive to provide our customers with detailed technical and commercial reviews of the Resources available. Thus, here are our objectives:

  • Make the most of available resources.
  • Take the best financial and strategic decisions.
  • Support long term sustainability

The professionals at Evolution Resources have global expertise. They have supported projects around the world, from start-ups to established international and national oil companies. Our professionals include seasoned engineers, geophysicists, geologists, project managers and economists. Our unique knowledge of different guidelines & regulation, including the SEC, PRMS, NI51-101, NPD, Russian Federation regulations, Chinese regulations or other government requirements, will allow us to adopt a consistent and fit for purpose approach so you can make the most of your portfolio.

Evolution Resources values

  • Integrity is key for a successful and fair evaluation. Reliable data will allow C-level executives to take the right decisions with short notice, and optimize corporate value
  • Consistency is at the heart of any resources evaluation or any investment. Whether it is for the Oil & Gas industry or Renewable energy, consistency is key to ensure comparability, project ranking and good portfolio management. the Reserves & Resources computed under different regulations or by different contractors may vary substantially.
  • Sustainability: Global energy requirements have been consistently growing. Before the 2020 Covid pandemic, the demand in petroleum products has increased by 1.7% per year for the last two decade, reaching a consumption of 100 MMstb/d. This represents a daily consumption of 1.7 Billion of kWh (1700 kWh in 1 stb of oil) and if we want to feed our thirst for energy, while managing CO2 emission, we need to accept that all resources will have a role to play. we are keen to support the search for a balanced energy mix.